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You could say that I'm an agricultural consultant. I see that my job is to help investors and philanthropists make the best use of their money and resources in order for them not only to be successful but also to have a positive social impact.

I also like telling stories about soil and regenerative agriculture. Like how it provides us humans with life-giving benefits such as food production, increasing biodiversity - but importantly its ability to give back what was taken away from it - viz., carbon cycle feedback loops...which will play instrumental roles should climate change continue at the alarming rates as predicted right now.

I am a consultant dedicated to social impact investing and cause marketing.

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Freelance Consultant

2021 - Present

Development of Grant-making Strategy.

Up-to-date knowledge of a wide range of food and farming issues and the challenges at hand. Additionally, I have a black book of social enterprises, NGOs, and charities within the UK and Europe.

Investment Introductions.

If you are seeking to raise funds, I can arrange for your investment opportunity to be shared with my network of social impact investors.

Knowledge Sharing.

Available for speaking at events or podcasts and guest writing on soil and regenerative agriculture.

Meditation and Yoga Teacher.

Qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher with experience in teaching public classes.


Marketing Development manager

2021 - Present

Soil Heroes BV regenerates the supply chains of businesses (specifically food and drink, fuel, and/or fibre).

This is achieved by partnering with a company that directs funds to sequester carbon within their own supply chain; a concept termed ‘carbon insetting’.

Currently, we support the company in directing those funds through a tailored service, and in exchange, we provide the company with quantified, verified, and accountable impact. This impact recognises the holistic benefits of soil - carbon, water, biodiversity, and nutrition.

Through the Soil Heroes platform, companies can monitor the change that their farmers create. After a set duration, it culminates with a verified certificate and an impact report; thus allowing them to make public sustainability claims. As an outcome, this adds to greater resilience to their supply chain amongst the threat of climate change and is a means to form compelling stories that engage and educate their customers.


2019 - 2021

Farming the Future is a collaborative and systemic philanthropic grant-pool.

It serves a diverse collective of land-workers, educators, researchers, lobbyists, activists, organisations and funders, who are dedicated to transforming the current industrial food system.

Emerging from the agroecological food movement, this alliance seeks to facilitate the power of the collective to build a system of regenerative food production and land use that furthers social and environmental justice.

My role as a founding partner develops what was an initial experiment into a reputable body that gifts ca£1mil annually.

The grant-giving vehicle currently liaises with a network of over 50 grantees and 15 donors.


2016 - present

Through a blended approach of grants and impact investment, the A Team Foundation supports food and land projects that are ecologically, economically, and socially conscious.

The role is to inform the giving strategy, research potential grantees and investees, sector mapping, and maintain partner relationships.

Through 2020, I stepped up to cover the Director's maternity leave. Which also consisted of pivoting grant support as a response to Covid19.


BA(Hons) Illustration

2.2 (with Honours)

My Thoughts

I share ideas and observations about environmental issues on LinkedIn and other platforms.

On The Ground

Engaging with grassroots organisations through storytelling, video, and photography.

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